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Friday, 12 August 2011

Exciting giveaway @Beauty Diaries

Hey my beauty buddies,

Although I'd extensive plans for my first blog post,but for the time being I'll just be informing all you beautelicious girlies about an exciting giveaway by my friend Kimi at her wonderfulicious beauty site. The link's as below :


So do try your luck for this irresistible giveaway!!!!!

Love and hugs <3

P.S : will be returning soon with a 'oh so beautiful' blog post!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

French Manicure...

French Manicure are manicures that are done to make your nails look natural and beautiful. The nail colors which can be used for this purpose are the nude pink, white, off white etc.. The nail color is applied only on the tip of the nail to make it look like it is the nail"s natural color.

How did i do this?

*Applied the transparent coat.

* Drew a line to border the tip of my nail with a nail art pen.

* Then filled in the bordered tip with a white nail color.

* Then finally the transperant coat once again.

And Done!!!

Monday, 11 July 2011

Aqua-blue eyes look...

The aqua-blue eyes look awesome..

Step #1 : Apply an eye primer on your lids and also underneath eyes to cover up any dark circles or just to get a smooth look.

Step #2 : Apply a compact powder on it.

Step #3 : Apply a white eyeshadow on your lids which will act as a base for the eyes and enhance the color of the eyeshadow that will be applied next.

Step #4 : Apply the aqua blue shade on the whole lid.

Step #5 : Apply a little tint of a dark blue shade on your inner and outer corners in the shape of V.

Step #6 : Blend well if any hard lines are visible

Step #7 : Apply a black eye liner on your upper lashline and Black Kohl or liner again for the lower lashline.

Step #8 : Then curl your lashes and apply a mascara. There should not be any visible lumps on the lashes.

And you are all set to go for work or even a party. This look is soft and sober and completely wearable for office and a party as well.